Open.  Not blank.  Not empty.  Bookbinding as color study, as pattern test, as collection, as collage.  Now it’s your turn to fill or to fondle. 

Each one-of-a-kind, hand-bound To Fill or To Fondle book is a conversation between materials and design, and creates an opportunity for dialogue between user and book, for you to fill or to fondle.

I am making these books to be in-person, temporal, sensual encounters; counterpoints in this era of digital/online reproduction experience.  My inks and papers interact with each other, light and eye, exploiting how color is perceived in context.  There’s texture and heft and freedom to dart forward and back within the book itself.

These books are informed by paper sample packs, paint chip displays, and a deep need to let nothing go to waste.  My color work with paper, pattern and sequencing are guided by Josef Albers’ explanation “color is the most relative medium,” which also lent the project’s initial title Relative Medium.

begun 2018 for Current Book Art Fair