A Chicken in Every Plot opens January 28 and runs through September 5, 2016 at The Valentine Museum, Richmond, Virginia

Featuring the work of artist Alyssa C. Salomon, this exhibition examines the resurging practice of keeping backyard chickens and how our relationship with food quality and sources finds form. A Chicken in Every Plot includes portraits of Richmond area urban and suburban chickens and the yards in which they thrive, an homage to the quintessential deviled egg, plus household objects and historic photographs from the Valentine's collection.

This exhibition is the culmination of two years of collaboration between Salomon and the Valentine to bring together art and history on the topic of backyard chickens. Since 2012, Salomon has used her camera and local word-of-mouth network to explore the city's engagement with a national return to chicken-keeping. Extensive mining of the Valentine's holdings highlight the continuous presence of chickens - real and symbolic - in everyday life, and considers how Richmond thinks about its food and home.

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