Photograph taker.  Picture maker.  Printer.  Self-taught chemist.  Business woman.  Board chair.  Advisor.  Teacher.  Gardener.  Pickler.  Chicken keeper.  One time bread baker.  Kayaker.  Birdwatcher, albeit late rising.  Reader.  Artist.  Citizen. 

“My studio practice is like bird watching – guided by skill, graced by chance.  Searching for the picture from the mind’s eye that is realer than real, found in the process of producing each print.”

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processing cyanotype print

Announcing Blue Skies Workroom at CURRENT Books

Blue Skies Workroom has been selected to be an exhibitor for the inaugural CURRENT Books book fair, March 31, 2018.  I'll be debuting Relative Medium,  a project in which I use bookbinding as collecting and as color studies, producing hand-bound books for  use as journals, scrapbooks or decorative objects.  Relative Medium is inspired in part by Albers' Interactions of Color (of course), Doris Lessings' The Golden Notebook, Agnes Martin, Arlene Shechet's palates, quilts, Alexander Gerard, and even Dieter Roth, not to mention my unabiding love of color and of paper. CURRENT Books will showcase high-quality works by art book publishers, artists, writers, and artist collectives who produce print media including artists' books, monographs, and zines. CURRENT Books will highlight regional makers from Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, and North Carolina, and give them a platform to exhibit and sell their work. The event cultivates awareness of arts-related publishing by featuring the full spectrum of creative production found at the intersection of art and publishing. CURRENT will return to its original neighborhood in Scott’s Addition for the inaugural edition of CURRENT Books on March 31, 2018, in Studio Two Three's special event space.

Interviewed for the new VCU School of Business podcast

Enjoyed being interviewed by Dr. Kenneth Kahn, Senior Associate Dean, VCU School of Business, in my capacity as Artist in Residence, for the BSchool's podcast Creativity @Work.  Listen here to Creativity @Work on Soundcloud

Elin Spring reviews First Look

What Will You Remember? say Look Again at First Look at Panopticon Gallery, Boston

Studio Two Three's Winter Print Fair

Look for my new Blue Skies Workroom hand printed, hand sewn, linen pouches and aprons plus some small prints at this year's Winter Print Fair at Studio Two Three, 3300 West Clay Street, RVA. That's Saturday, December 9 & Sunday, December 10 11-4. More information and a list of artists are here on S23's website  

VCU News: School of Business looks forward to another EPIC year with new artist-in-residence

Photographer Alyssa C. Salomon discusses the role of creativity in business in an interview with VCU News  Read the article here

Artist in Residence at St. Mary's College

I'm spending two weeks working in the Artist House at St. Mary's College, sponsored by the Department of Art & Art History.  I'm giving a talk with pizza on Tuesday 10/24.  What an extraordinarily beautiful place - land, water, sky and luminescence.   Thanks, Sue Johnson, for the great photo and so much more - looking forward to phase two in Spring 2019.